Motivational Letter (graphic Design)

Vibrant. Focused. Energetic. These are my words to describe myself. They reflect the growth I have made in life. While I was at school, many topics proved difficult to me. I had never tried to learn a topic using a creative approach until one day. It worked! I’ve been inspired by many creative ideas and perspectives over the years.

I’m hardworking, driven, and have a great ability to work in teams and individually. I will be pursuing a career as a successful artist in the 21st century, with styles that range from digital art to comics. Graphic Design is a great way to begin my adventure. I will have the chance to study the subject and learn creative software. This will enable me to build my portfolio. Stan Lee is my inspiration source. Their art is distinctive and allows them to convey strong concepts and ideas in a creative way that will captivate viewers. This is why I like these artists. In my free time, I am just like my personality. My primary hobbies include hand drawing and creating comic books. You can see some of my work in my portfolio. Additionally, I am an expert in Adobe Creative Series with Flash and Photoshop being my strengths. My hobbies helped me to develop my personality. They also have an influence on my career path.

At Telford College, I am currently taking a Creative Media Production class. I chose it because I wanted a deeper understanding of other forms, such as filmmaking or photography. I find this course to be very beneficial as it allows me to utilize my creativity to complete tasks, just like I did in Sixth Form when IT and art were my majors. Because I can respond creatively to a brief and create videos that convey ideas and perspectives, this course is relatable to me and my influences. The IT course helped me understand digital imaging software. I was able follow instructions and produce high-quality work. My skills in business helped me become more employable. I have been able to express myself creatively and create final pieces that are consistent with a brief.

Graphic Design depends on my skills from studies. My ability to think outside the box and respond to briefs is what makes me stand out. With Adobe Creative, I can create visually compelling pieces. My personality and skills have been a benefit to many clients in the production of their promotional materials. I helped promote The Clifton (a Telford community center for arts) and produced ads for Madeley events.

I have been involved in many extracurricular activities, as well as organized and run events. They include running a stall during an employment convention and playing fancy-dressed football. Both have proven to be successful in raising funds for charity. Also, I was part the Youth Climate Coalition (formerly Youth Climate Change), which brought together young people all across the country to create ideas for the environment. As a Peer Mentor and Prefect, as well as a Sports and Eco Ambassador in school, I have been able to enhance my communication and leadership skills as well as my ability to interact with people better.

Your university is a great place to learn about the creative world and channel your creative drive. These skills will be useful in my graphic design career.



Reuben Young is a 39-year-old educational blogger and school teacher. He has been teaching in the United States for over 10 years, and has written extensively on educational topics. He is also a member of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), and has been honored with several awards.

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