Assessment Of My Writing Process

Each person has a unique way of writing. In my case, I like to write in the quietest room in my house, on my desk. I also prefer writing in my bed because it is more comfortable and I have more space. I start off by ensuring I have everything I need at hand, such as notes, books, and other sources. The formatting is correct when I follow the directions and requirements. Before I begin writing, I remove all distractions to allow my ideas to flow.

I will only choose topics that are interesting to me or to which I can relate. The topic should be something that will motivate me to work on it. If I was asked to research a topic I didn’t know much about, like Mozart or Civil Rights Movements of the 20th Century, I would do some research. I would like to review my notes or books and do some research to gain a better understanding of the given topic. I often make a rough outline of the information I’m going to include in my introduction and body; other times I simply do it all mentally. It is an important step because it’s where I grab the attention of my readers. After hours of sitting at my computer, I try to collect my ideas and type them as soon as they come to me. Before I do my research, I brainstorm what I know. The majority of the time it takes to come up with a good idea for a piece, I have to take my time. When I’m stuck, I will stop and take a break. If I continue writing in the same direction as I had intended, my writing may go off course. In those moments, I stop and take a small break. Other times it may be a little longer. I try to forget that i’m writing an essay. I will take a short break to let my mind wander. I might grab a snack, stretch my muscles, or visit my social media. Once I feel the urge to write, I can start writing again.

After reading Muriel Harri’s Composing Behaviors for One- and Multi Draft Writers, I find it difficult to know if i am a multi- or one-draft writer. What I write about is what I believe determines my writing style. It depends on what I am writing about. To write well, I spend hours planning out my thoughts. Other times, I have to spend time re-reading something or selecting the best word. This Writing Research Papers class will help me determine whether I’m a one- or multiple-draft writer.

My writing process can be compared to a spontaneous trip. At first, it is possible that I do not know what I am doing or when I will arrive. I’ve mentioned it before, but I find that I can never seem to get started on a piece of writing and am not sure how long I will need to finish. It is both exciting and scary to hit the road. I have enjoyed every moment of the trip. It’s a chance to explore and learn new things. I also get to expand my thinking and let my mind wander.



Reuben Young is a 39-year-old educational blogger and school teacher. He has been teaching in the United States for over 10 years, and has written extensively on educational topics. He is also a member of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), and has been honored with several awards.

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