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The University of Nicosia was named after the capital and is located in Nicosia. The university has been hailed as the pioneering institution of tertiary educational in Cyprus. It is now home to 10 000 students from more than 75 countries, spread over at least 4 continents. University of Nicosia has students from 70 different countries. It is the most prestigious private university in Cyprus. It is located in Nicosia but it is also present in more than 18 other cities. University of Nicosia’s vision states that the university strives for excellence, including in teaching, learning, research, and technology.

Our students need to be educated in a multicultural environment

Encouragement of teamwork, mutual respect and friendship

Create academic products capable of leading and addressing the world’s major problems.

Academics UNIV’s commitment and belief in an Internationalization-based approach has been a major factor that allowed it to become a highly respected educational institution, with great recommendations and outstanding results. The university recognizes the importance of sharing knowledge and abilities across countries. As a result, it has been able to achieve international accreditation with several partnerships as well as Memorandums & Understandings. Students can also benefit from internship opportunities, lectures imported from different universities, conventions or seminars, and joint research projects, papers, and competitions. University of Cyprus is connected to several countries including: United Kingdom (UK), Greece, USA and China. The university is a part of many other leading international brands and accords. Nicosia is a leader in academics and research. It offers many programs to help develop critical thinking, problem solving and sharpness. The University currently has four schools: Business, Sciences, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences as well as Law. These Schools offer undergraduate and graduate programs. Law, Medicine and Engineering are some of the more common study programs. For more information on the RocApply Program, click here.

The University of Nicosia charges a relatively low tuition fee to its international students. To ensure equal opportunities for all, the university offers affordable and great tuition fees. Students also receive other incentives like early payment discounts, flexible payments arrangements and scholarships to help ease financial burdens.

Academic scholarships are available to international students. These scholarships are based upon the performance of new students in their entry-level certificate and returning students’ previous semester grades. Scholarships are based on CGPA/score and can range between 10-50%. Siblings are entitled to an additional discount of up to 10-15%. The campus work program is based a student’s performance in the classroom. Sports scholarships are based a person’s level of contribution to varsity team or sport. Incentives for these scholarships include tuition reductions ranging between 10-40%, student work in school facilities, a stipend and reduced housing fees.

Fees for international students are as follows:

The cost of a full-time undergraduate program is approximately 9500 Euros per year. The cost of a full-time undergraduate program is approximately 9500 euros (with certain exceptions).

Masters programs – approx. The cost of a Master’s program is approximately 14000 Euros.

The average cost of a Ph.D. program per academic calendar year is approximately 13500 Euros. The average cost of a Ph.D. program is approximately 13500 euros (with certain exceptions).

All-inclusive payment includes tuition fees, registration fees, health insurance fees, certification of ID cards, and other provisions.

NB: RocApply can provide you with more details about the University of Nicosia’s tuition fees, scholarships and other financial aid.

Choose University of Nicosia for these amazing reasons:

This university certificate is internationally recognized and highly accredited. It increases the chances of obtaining a job after graduation.

Pioneer in technology and innovation with a practical and pragmatic approach to research and education to provide students with the socio-educational skills they need to succeed in real life.

Education is inexpensive compared to the other regions and Europe. (optional scholarships included)

Students need a highly competent and dedicated academic staff who is experienced, skilled and able to meet their needs.

All students can benefit from the course because it is taught in English.

Campus with a 21st-century infrastructure and facilities. Pioneers in the use of block-chain technology for payments and introducing it as a study programme.

Needs of students can be met by a single place that offers all services. It doesn’t matter if it is our beautiful Residential area, Health Center, Socializing areas, or Health Center.

Students from more than 70 different countries are united in a racially diverse, friendly environment. New students will feel comfortable and at home.

The summer weather in particular is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. (Resorts, watersports, hiking) It’s a peaceful, safe, and refreshing place that every student can enjoy.

Living conditions in Europe are excellent, but the cost of living in Spain is much lower. (450-600Euro per month)

What can you expect as a University of Nicosia student?

Students can stay on or off campus in cosy and modern accommodation. The average monthly cost of accommodation for students is between 300euro and 550euro. Six, U & Triangle are three separate apartment types at the university. Accommodations are available in single and double rooms. These buildings are unquestionably the definition of modernity and European architecture. Students can not only study but also live in luxury and style. The apartment complexes provide a wide range of amenities and services.

There are more than 5 dining and café options.

physical exercise facility

Gaming area



Suite washroom

Study area

Tv rooms

Comfortable bedrooms

Throughout security

The housing facilities are located in Makedonitissa, a luxurious, low-density residence that offers a wide range of dining, drinking, and entertainment options, as well as shopping and shopping malls.

The price of off-campus accommodation (within walking distance of a university) that offers similar features and amenities is dependent on the needs of each student. Water and electricity costs are also included in the cost. In order to help students find their feet, they are encouraged to remain on campus for one year. This allows them to seek assistance from the university staff whenever needed. University of Nicosia offers assistance for students to find off-campus accommodation. However, certain conditions and terms apply.

Play time!

University of Nicosia has a reputation for being a highly productive university, but also understands the value of having extra-curricular events that encourage students to socialize, relax, and wind down. Sport will be used to create a welcoming environment for students who want to participate in social and sport clubs to develop their leadership skills and teamwork. Students are invited to join the University of Cyprus’s clubs and sports upon arrival. The university offers a variety of sports, including:



Playing tennis

Playing volleyball


Going for a dip


Futsal Football

Students who want to take up sport in a more competitive way can apply for a scholarship and represent the university. University of Nicosia has also joined the Cyprus University Sports Federation, which is active in all types of sporting competitions.

The beginning of each term, the teams will conduct trials. They will then select their best players. Selected athletes are entitled to a scholarship.

The university offers many options for clubs and associations. They include clubs in academics, ethnics and arts, the environment, special issues, current affairs and social. Students with a creative and innovative spirit can also create their own clubs, subject to approval and support from the Student Events and Activities Office and the Sports Office. These societies allow students to:

Teamwork can be improved

Confidence booster

Improved Time Management

Interactions are improved

Have fun

New people to meet

Relaxation and stress reduction

The University of Nicosia offers a variety of modern cafeterias that serve meals and refreshments all day long. They also provide a relaxing and comfortable social atmosphere. The campus canteens serve breakfast, noon, and dinner three times per day. Meat, rice, pastas, potatoes, and dairy are just a few of the dishes that can be found at these campus canteens. You can also get quick bites or snacks to eat on the run, along with hot and iced beverages. The food is prepared professionally by a friendly, well-trained team of chefs. Some of the more popular restaurants include Gallery Restaurants and Coffeeology101.

University of Nicosia’s bus service is efficient and reliable to make travel easier for students. The university provides a shuttle bus service to and from campus for all students (registered or identified) while the city bus is in operation at the designated stops. All University of Nicosia Students can use this service for free by presenting their Student ID to the driver. The bus service will operate 7 days per week from 8am until 1040pm. Some of the routes are Athalassis Ave., Nikis Ave., Griva Digeni Ave. Michail Ave – Melinas Merkouri – Elia Papakyriacou – UNIC – Griva Digeni Ave. The University Buses are equipped with Wi-Fi, are spacious and comfortable.

Quick facts about University of Nicosia life:

Nicosia has a rich history with many monuments. It also boasts a modern infrastructure.

It is a city that hosts students from around the world.

Cyprus is predominantly Greek Orthodox but there is great respect and tolerance for all religions.

The maximum number of hours that foreign students can work in Cyprus is 20 per week. During school holidays, the maximum amount of hours allowed to be worked in Cyprus is 38.

Students don’t need to travel outside the city to get most of what they require.

The weather in the Mediterranean region is hot, dry and humid from June to November.

The university’s social programs include clubs, exchange programs, concerts, and festivals for those who enjoy music and culture.

The Mediterranean climate is perfect for water sports and great hangout spots.

The school and its surrounding area is home to several ATMs that accept international credit cards. Western Union, MoneyGram, and other money transfer services are also available.

Taxis are readily available, inexpensive and ready to respond even in the late hours of the morning.

Euro is accepted as the main currency in Cyprus.

Students are covered by state health insurance. There is a medical facility on campus that provides staff and medical services.


  • reubenyoung

    Reuben Young is a 39-year-old educational blogger and school teacher. He has been teaching in the United States for over 10 years, and has written extensively on educational topics. He is also a member of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), and has been honored with several awards.



Reuben Young is a 39-year-old educational blogger and school teacher. He has been teaching in the United States for over 10 years, and has written extensively on educational topics. He is also a member of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), and has been honored with several awards.

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